Les Émigrantes - Krystian Lupa

Feature Film / Play
Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Krystian Lupa, Postproduction: Natan Berkowicz

‘After having directed Broch, Musil, Bernhard, and Kafka, Krystian Lupa engages with W. G. Sebald’s The Emigrants. In this hypnotic tale at a crossroads between fiction and documentary, the German author recreates the life of four men he has known, and who have all gone through exile and been permanently affected by it. Their intimate reverie, that unfolds in a text akin to a long prose poem; the stretching of time, that becomes a palpable duration; the unique density of his writing: everything, in Sebald’s work, resonates with Lupa’s universe and his work with his actors, based on conjuring their inner landscapes. ‘

Coproduction Festival d'Avignon, Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe, Triennale de Milan, Maillon - Théâtre de Strasbourg scène européenne

On This Land 

Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Nikodem Marek, Maciej Bogdanski, Production: Lumisenta

‘ The narrative conveys the emotions of an individual grappling with solitude and life's disillusionments. Despite underlying pessimism, there's a moment of introspection about life's joys and sorrows. The tale culminates in a forest scene, where an encounter with another leads to profound reflection, possibly a dream or hallucination.’

*Energa CAMERIMAGE 2021 Official Selecion


Feature Film / ongoing project
Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Anna Drozd, 


Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Nikodem Marek, Maciej Bogdanski, Production: Lumisenta

‘Mariusz and his son mateusz just got out of prison. Their recent detention has given them the ability to reflect on their own life. "How was i supposed to become a man?" says one of them. They wonder if they can escape the imprisonment stigma.

*FIPADOC - Official Selecion 2023
*Docs Agains Gravity - Official Selecion 2023
*National Independent Film Competition OKFA - Distinction in the category:  Documentary Film 2023
*Coal Film Festival - Award for Best Documentary Film & Audience Award
*Szczecin Film Festival - Award for the Most Intriguing Film in the West Pomeranian Shorts Competition


Feature Film
Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Basia Napora, Production: Oskar Brummel

‘The former Polish-Russian border in a decaying Europe. Geographic boundaries have been obliterated, and traces of war - like a stain - are reflected in the fragile identities of the surviving humans. The illusory beauty of the landscape opens its raw image - a picture whose frame deteriorates, rots, breaks into pieces. This fragmentation is reflected in minimalistic pictures of intimate relationships, showing a human being who - like an animal - on a leash, in a muzzle, in a cage of his own fear - can no longer come close to another. It is too late for any deed, and the dignity lost cannot be regained.’

We Only Had Each Other

Short Film
Director of photography: Nikodem Marek,  Director: Tom Motarski

‘Single-take perspective to grasp the mood of underpinning frustration during the series of on-off lockdowns. 

Shortly after a week of lockdown, a bout of loneliness rose. The life of 51-year-old architect Filip now has a new rhythm. His temporary imprisonment at home results in an intimate friendship with a girl who, like him, craves intimacy. When his elder daughter Ellen and son Josh return home from another lockdown, their presence complicates his morning routine of visiting the girl.’